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The Beginner icon in Super Monkey Ball.

Beginner is a difficulty level utilized in the Main Game. It is the easiest difficulty level in every game where it appears.

Unlike Advanced and Expert, Beginner stages rarely utilize puzzles or advanced mechanics, focusing solely on giving the player a chance to learn about and practice the game.

Most incarnations of the Beginner level contain ten stages, one of which is a bonus stage.

Monkey Ball / Super Monkey Ball Edit

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The Beginner icon in Monkey Ball.

Monkey Ball's Beginner difficulty features ten normal floors and three extra floors. Every stage reappears in Super Monkey Ball with no changes to the order.

In Monkey Ball, all of these stages take place in the Sky, with the exception of the bonus floor and extra floors. In Super Monkey Ball, the first four floors instead appear in the Jungle.

The parentheses contain the name of the level in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.

Extra FloorsEdit

These floors are unlocked after clearing the above floors without using a continue. In the U.S. version of Super Monkey Ball, however, this was changed to clearing the floors without losing a life.

In both games, these stages are located in Space.

Super Monkey Ball 2 Edit

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Beginner icon in Super Monkey Ball 2

Like its predecessor, Super Monkey Ball 2's Beginner difficulty contains ten floors, with one bonus stage and ten extra stages.

The first four stages take place in Jungle Island, the bonus stage takes place in Mid-Sky, and the final five stages take place in the Amusement Park.

  1. Simple
  2. Hollow
  3. Bumpy
  4. Switches
  5. Bowl (Rising Inclines in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)
  6. Floaters
  7. Slopes (Tub in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe)
  8. Sliders
  9. Spinning Top
  10. Curve Bridge
Beginner 2

Every non-extra Beginner stage in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Extra Stages Edit

These floors are unlocked after completing the above stages without using a continue. The first five stages are located in the Space Colony, while the final five are located in Dr. Bad Boon's Base.

  1. Conveyers
  2. Bumpy Check
  3. Alternative
  4. Junction
  5. Bead Screen
  6. Fluctuation
  7. Folders
  8. Quick Turn
  9. Linear Seesaws
  10. Birth

Super Monkey Ball Jr. Edit

Super Monkey Ball Jr. contains ten normal floors and three extra floors. Most stages are simplified versions of Beginner stages from Super Monkey Ball, but there are some that are distinct or out of order, most notably in the extra stages.

The stages use the same backgrounds as their Super Monkey Ball counterparts.

Extra FloorsEdit

These floors are unlocked after clearing the above floors without using a continue.

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Edit

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe contains a record forty normal floors, as well as a record twenty extra stages. Floors 1-4, 10 and 21-25 are from Super Monkey Ball and Floors 5-9, 20 and 26-29 are from Super Monkey Ball 2. Extra Floors 1-3 are from Super Monkey Ball and Extra Floors 6-10 and 15-20 are from Super Monkey Ball 2. All others are exclusive and make their debut in Deluxe.

Floors 1-4 are set in the Jungle, 5-9 in Jungle Island, 10 in Starry Night, 11-14 in the Desert, 15-19 in the Boiling Pot, 20 and 30 in Mid-Sky, 21-25 in Sky High, 26-29 in the Amusement Park, 31-35 in the Bubbly Washing Machine, and 36-40 in Under the Ocean. Extra Floors 1-5 are set in Space, 6-10 in Space Colony, and 11-20 in Dr. Bad-Boon's Base.

Names in bold are stages that are exclusive to Deluxe.

  1. Plain
  2. Diamond
  3. Hairpin
  4. Wide Bridge
  5. Simple
  6. Hollow
  7. Bumpy
  8. Switches
  9. Floaters
  10. Bonus Basic
  11. Edge
  12. Escalators
  13. Serpentine
  14. Swirl
  15. Dormant Pits
  16. Composition
  17. Dynamo
  18. Lunchbox
  19. Gutter
  20. Rising Inclines (Bowl from Super Monkey Ball 2)
  21. Slopes (Beginner Floor 6 from Super Monkey Ball)
  22. Steps
  23. Blocks
  24. Jump Single
  25. Exam-A
  26. Tub (Slopes from Super Monkey Ball 2)
  27. Sliders (Windy Slide in PAL version)
  28. Spinning Top
  29. Curve Bridge
  30. Scabrous
  31. Jolt Channel
  32. Inertial
  33. Octagonal
  34. Sewer
  35. Arc Bridges
  36. Veer Field
  37. Teeter
  38. Stream
  39. Catwalk
  40. Catapult

Extra Floors Edit

  1. Blur Bridge
  2. Hitter
  3. AV Logo
  4. Rhombus
  5. Buoy
  6. Conveyers
  7. Bumpy Check
  8. Alternative
  9. Junction
  10. Bead Screen
  11. Coil Ramp
  12. Millefeuille
  13. Waver
  14. Fat Seesaw
  15. Treads
  16. Fluctuation
  17. Folders
  18. Quick Turn
  19. Linear Seesaws
  20. Birth

Super Monkey Ball Adventure Edit


Beginner icon of Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Beginner in Super Monkey Ball Adventure contains twelve stages, all of which are playable in Story Mode and are set in the world Jungle Island. There are no bonus or extra floors.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana SplitzEdit


The Beginner icon from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz

Beginner in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz contains ten stages. There is one bonus floor but no extra floors.

All stages are set in the world Monkey Island and contain no extra stages. Some of these stages are ported from Super Monkey Ball.

Trivia Edit

  • The icon color for Beginner is usually green. However, Super Monkey Ball Adventure uses a bronze icon, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz's icon is not color coded.
  • Most games treat Beginner as the "default" difficulty. This means that a stage opened by itself (for example, using the Stage Select in Debug Mode) will always be portrayed as Beginner 1, regardless of whether it is in another difficulty.
  • In Super Monkey Ball 2, there is a glitch that can result in the game mistaking a padding floor as the otherwise inaccessible Beginner 11. This, however, is merely a cosmetic error, as the floor can only be opened in Practice Mode under certain circumstances.
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