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Bobo the Engineer is a character that appears exclusively in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


Bobo is an old engineer, bearing light brown skin and gray fur. He wears an engineer's attire with a yellow hard hat. Instead of the usual cartoony eyes other monkeys have, his eyes are instead two black dots.


Bobo always has a job to do or fix throughout Moonhaven. He is usually the one paranoid that something bad will happen if something isn't fixed right, such as the dark. Although a Big 'un, he is somewhat frightful.


Bobo has one mission in each unique location of Moonhaven:

Arrival Park

The four dynamos are failed and need to be fixed. Find each sets of three switches. And once the first one is switched, you have 30 seconds to find and activate the other two. If you fail, they will be reset, so you can try again.

Water Park

Note: You must complete Wu'wu's mission first before you can do Bobo's.

Ice moths have gathered near the Water Automaton, nearly threatening it to freeze up. Use Woodball, catch on fire, and roll onto the given ice path to the Automaton, and keep the ice moths away for 30 seconds.

Air Automaton

There's unsettling noise coming from the Air Automaton, and Bobo needs to get to the switches to make it stop. However, he's a little too big to do so, so he needs you to help him. Go on both ramps leading to the switches, and turn them both off.


Bobo's lost his toolbox and needs it immediately! It's up near Flam'lam. From Bobo's platform, drop down to wear Eee'nee is located, and go up the obstacle path to where Flam'lam resides. Grab the purple balloon, and drop where the wing ring is under the platform near the engineer. Land steadily onto Bobo's platform below, and hand him his toolbox.

Monkey Trumps

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“Bobo has a way in machinery and is in demand all over moonhaven to fix equipment. He enjoys annoying Rufus by telling him certain problems will take longer to fix than they actually will!”


Bobo has very good Strength, but lacks greatly in Joy.

  • Strength - 16
  • Lore - 6
  • Joy - 3
  • Charm - 8
  • Curiosity - 14
  • SMB Value - 12
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