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Brian Matthew Uhl[1] is a Canadian, German, Slovak, Hungarian (citizenship) voice actor who works and lives in Japan. He is the main announcer (スーパーモンキーボールメインアナウンサー) for the Super Monkey Ball series.


Uhl's role was never officially credited in any of the Super Monkey Ball games. Due to this lack of information, his role was often attributed to Patrick Harlan, a Japanese celebrity of American origin. Harlan was credited in Super Monkey Ball 2 (though not in the original) for providing the voices of GonGon and Dr. Bad-Boon, and he was the only actor in the credits of either game to be a native English speaker.

Uhl's identity was revealed in December 2019 by YouTuber Nick Robinson, who directly contacted Harlan leading him to Chris Wells to help him contact the voice actor behind the narrator.

Brian Matt Uhl claimed that he would reprise his role in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania, however, his voice is nowhere to be heard in the game, and a spokesperson for SEGA confirmed to Video Games Chronicle that he was never involved.[2]

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