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C-AiAi is an alternate version of AiAi featured in Super Monkey Ball 3D. From his bio in Monkey Race, it is known that he's a pirate captain.

To unlock

Monkey Race - Finish the Monkey Park Grand Prix and come in 1st place.

Monkey Fight - Spend 20 Play Coins on the character screen.


Super Monkey Ball 3D: A pirate captain on an epic journey for the world's bananas. He is a hardy monkey who rallies his mates in the face of peril. His love for bananas knows no bounds.

Monkey Fight Statistics

The following are C-AiAi's statistics in Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight.

Power: 4

Speed: 3

Jump: 2

Special Attack

C-AiAi's special attack is called Bombardment. In it, he pulls out two guns and makes a few shots. Then, he covers his ears as a large amount of cannonballs come out from the ship to various positions..


Batten down the hatches, matey!

In Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD

C-AiAi appears in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz's remake as an unlockable costume to play through the Main Game. Unlocking him helps to obtain the secret achievement Monkey Business.

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