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For the Super Monkey Ball 2 stage renamed from Downhill in Deluxe, see Cascade (Deluxe).

Cascade is the 3rd Beginner stage in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


The level features tilted diamond-shaped platforms with diamond-shaped holes in them. The diamond-shaped platforms are arranged in a descending order and are arranged in a reversal order. There are some bananas along the way. The goal is placed on a rectangular platform right next to the base of the last diamond-shaped platform.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, roll down the first diamond-shaped platform while avoiding the holes. Then, roll onto the next diamond-shaped platform, and roll down it while avoiding the holes. Repeat this pattern until you make it to the goal. While going down the diamond-shaped platforms, try to hold your speed back as much as you can as it will make it easier not to fall through a hole.


Fall through one of the holes of a diamond-shaped platform, and land on a diamond-shaped platform below whatever one through which you fall to reach the goal quicker.

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