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Chute (or CHUTO) is the 6th stage of the 1st world, Monkey Island, in Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, as well as Beginner stage 1-4 in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz.

In Step & Roll, this stage hosts Monkey Island's banana collectible, called the Unripe Banana.


This stage has curves at the start that lead to a jump that could resemble the Monkey Target ramp, followed by an elevated square platform with a line of bananas on it. The goal lies beyond this platform at the far end of the stage.

Goal Tutorial

Follow along the curves, go down the ramp and head straight for the goal.

Banana Collectible

The Unripe Banana behind the ramp

The banana collectible can only be found in Step & Roll.

The Unripe Banana is located behind the jump ramp. To reach it, simply go down the ramp, turn around and head for the back of the slide.


  • CHUTO likely refers to Step & Roll's internal name for Chute.
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