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Dr. Bad-Boon (or Mad HiHi Hakase, マッドヒヒ博士, in Japanese) is an evil baboon scientist and the first antagonist of the series. He loves MeeMee, but his affection is not reflected by her. He makes his debut in Super Monkey Ball 2.

Role in games

Dr. Bad-Boon is known as the main antagonist of Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. He has done many evil things to stop the Monkey Ball crew from getting back the bananas of Jungle Island. He put a bomb in a volcano, shrunk the monkeys down to size, and even created an evil AiAi robot army. Even though Bad-Boon is on bad terms with AiAi, Baby, and GonGon, he is in love with MeeMee, and will do anything to win her heart, although it is clear that she would never feel the same for him.

Official Profiles

Super Monkey Ball 2 Instruction Booklet: He is an evil-genius scientist from the future world. In the future world, he fell in love with MeeMee and attempted to ask her to marry him, but she was already married to AiAi, and had had Baby by then. Thus he flew to the days when AiAi and MeeMee had not married yet. Dr. Bad-Boon tries all sorts of evil plots to separate AiAi from MeeMee, but fails every time. While his perseverance is commendable, he is becoming a real nuisance to the inhabitants of Jungle Island and has quickly become the island's most hated ape.

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Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Website: As we know, most of the world's monkeys love bananas and rolling around in giant hamster balls; but not Dr. Bad-Boon. It's his twisted plots that have led you into all these strange, dangerous mazes.

Super Monkey Ball World Website: This mad scientist is bonkers in love with MeeMee. He wants to marry her, but she is already married to AiAi. For a chance at winning her heart, he invents a time machine and travel back in time to meet her before she married AiAi. But Baby also travels back in time with plans of his own.


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  • Dr. Bad-Boon's lines are all recited backward in English.
  • In Super Monkey Ball Adventure, The Mysterious Traveler tells of the backstory of Dr. Bad-Boon, how he became evil, and why he is obsessed with MeeMee. It is unsure whether or not this is canon because it is never mentioned in any other Super Monkey Ball game.
  • In Japan, he is known as "Mad HiHi".
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