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For the stage in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, see Elementary (Touch & Roll).

Elementary is the 7th stage of Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features a giant, curved pathway that shifts back-and-forth. The pathway is fairly large in width. Bananas are along the way. The goal is on a small, stationary platform, adjoining to the end of the giant pathway.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, turn left, and roll along that way with as much force as you can. Roll around the curve if you are able; if you were not able to cross past the curve, you can wait, and try again to cross it, as well as for the second curve. Roll along with as much force as you can passed the curve you just passed. Roll around the curve if you are able. Then, roll along with as much force as you can passed the curve you just passed. Be sure to slow down once you arrive at the goal platform as you will likely overshoot it if you do. Once the goal platform is adjoined with the pathway, roll onto the goal platform and into the goal.

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