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For other "Slide" stages, see Slide (disambiguation).

Floor Sliders is the 10th stage of Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features square platforms that move left-to-right when the player also moves left-to-right. There are identically shaped and colored, stationary, square platforms between these moving square platforms. There are single bananas along the way.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, follow along the pathway until you reach the first movable, square platform. Once you have reached it, line it up, along with the rest of the movable, square platforms, as centered as possible with the stationary, square platforms. Make sure you are also as straight and centered as possible before crossing it. Once you are fully centered and straight and when the square platforms are fully centered, roll across the square platforms until you make it to the end of the pathway before the final turn. Then, turn left, and roll into the goal.

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