For the stage from Super Monkey Ball 2, see Fluctuation (Super Monkey Ball 2).
For the stage from Super Monkey Ball, see Excursion.
Fluctuation (Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll)


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Fluctuation is the last level of Ice Lolly Land. You start by maneuvering around 3 corners. Then you go up 2 hills and across 2 moving platforms. Next you have to avoid the bumpers and go along the skinny path to the goal. It is an official remake of Expert Floor 4: Excursion. It is in Super Monkey Ball: Touch and roll and is one of the hardest levels of the game. However, the only difference is there is no glare when going across the skinny path.

A level called Fluctuation appears in Super Monkey Ball 2, but it is not related to the Touch & Roll version.