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Future AiAi is a character that exclusively appears in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. Like Baby, he travels back in time to help spread happiness throughout the five kingdoms. He is the first character to be unlockable in the Super Monkey Ball series.


Like his present self, Future AiAi has brown fur and white skin. He is significantly taller and older than AiAi and wears a different attire than him, a robot-like style with a yellow helmet and antenna on top and a red jumpsuit with a star on the chest.

Future AiAi can only be obtained in the PSP version and is able to be transferred to the PS2 version through data transfer.


Future AiAi comes to aid the player, giving him or her useful chants to use during missions and placing Wing Rings throughout the lands (Mermer being a witness). He appears in the final cutscene, revealing his true self and the real reason why the monkeys have balls.


Chants are special powers the player learns throughout Story Mode from Future AiAi. The following is a list of chants Future AiAi provides:

  • Boxingball - Gives the player a boxing ball similar to how it's used in Monkey Fight. Press X or A to punch.
  • Stickyball - Gives the player suction cups all around his or her ball. Allows him or her to go to places a regular ball couldn't. Climbable surfaces flash yellow. Also used for picking up items in certain missions.
  • Scalarball - Allows the player's ball to grow by holding X or A, depending on the console. Releasing the button makes the ball shrink back to normal. The ball has more mass when grown, momentum is conserved.
  • Woodball - Turns the player's ball wooden. This allows the ball to catch on fire and roll on water for a limited time.
  • Teleport Jungle Island - Allows the player to teleport back to Jungle Island if he or she wishes. It is not usable in Jungle Island.
  • Teleport Moonhaven - Allows the player to teleport to Moonhaven if he or she wishes. It is not usable in Moonhaven.
  • Teleport Zootopia - Allows the player to teleport to Zootopia if he or she wishes. It is not usable in Zootopia.
  • Teleport Monkitropolis - Allows the player to teleport to Monkitropolis if he or she wishes. It is not usable in Monkitropolis.
  • Tetherball - Gives the player the ability to pull certain things with a transparent red tether. It is only used for two missions.
  • Hoverball - Gives the player's ball a propeller to hover a small distance above surfaces. Pressing X or A gives it a boost. This spell does not work with the water in the reservoir at Moonhaven.
  • Speedyball - Gives the player a big increase in speed.
  • Invisiball - Turns the player's monkey invisible. Bumping into something hard briefly turns you visible.

Chant Combinations

Chants are performed with four dance moves, Yay, Poo, Woo, and Ei. The following are the combinations for each of the chants listed above:

  • Boxingball - Yay Ei Ei
  • Stickyball - Yay Poo Poo
  • Scalarball - Poo Poo Ei
  • Woodball - Woo Woo Ei
  • Teleport Jungle Island - Yay Woo Woo
  • Teleport Moonhaven - Ei Woo Woo
  • Teleport Zootopia - Woo Woo Woo
  • Teleport Monkitropolis - Poo Woo Woo
  • Tetherball - Poo Poo Woo
  • Hoverball - Yay Yay Poo
  • Speedyball - Woo Ei Ei
  • Invisiball - Woo Woo Poo

Monkey Trumps


ULUS10132 00000.jpg

“He always made an appearance at just the right time. And didn’t you think he looked kind of familiar? How did he know what was going to happen next? Because he’s Future AiAi!”


Future AiAi has some of the best stats in the game, but is only average in strength.

  • Strength - 11
  • Lore - 19
  • Joy - 18
  • Charm - 18
  • Curiosity - 19
  • SMB Value - 20


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  • Future AiAi is the only character not to be unlocked through Paipai's shop.
  • It is rumored that he is unlockable to play as by completing Story Mode 100% as all four characters (AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon). However, this is false.
  • He is not available to play as in the GameCube version.
  • Unlike AiAi, he is able to grin in the PS2 version.
  • According to Keith Webb in an interview, Future Aiai was intended to wear a white suit to better reference Bomberman. However, due to the rushed schedule and the modeler already working on his model, he instead wears a red suit.
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