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Headlong is the 3rd stage of Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features a long pathway with hills and varying in width. One part of the pathway has a large hole between two narrow paths. Hills vary in steepness. Bananas are featured along the pathway. The goal is at the end on a stationary platform separate from the rest of the pathway.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, roll along the first narrow path. Then, roll over the first slope, and then roll along the next, narrow path. Then, roll over the next two slopes, and move over to the left or right as you roll over the second slope so that you will land on one of the next, narrow paths. Roll along the narrow path on which you are, and then roll over the next and final, three slopes. Move over to the middle if you are not at the middle as you roll over the third slope so that you will land on the next and final, narrow path. Then, roll along the next and final, path, and then fall onto the goal platform. Then, roll into the goal.

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