Inside A Whale is the 4th Story Mode world in Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. Levels are presented inside of a seemingly gargantuan whale that has swallowed cities and roads.

Story ModeEdit

This world can be fairly tricky for first time players, but for the most part isn't terribly hard. However, the levels Arthropod and Launchers are infamous for their difficulty. Thankfully, in Deluxe's version, these are optional to pass with the increased number of stages available.


Super Monkey Ball 2Edit

Super Monkey Ball DeluxeEdit

Role in StoryEdit

AiAi and friends have made it out of the ocean, but so has Dr. Bad-Boon. While the two groups argue, Dr. Bad-Boon tells AiAi and friends to look behind them. AiAi isn't falling for it, but Dr. Bad Boon is telling the truth. AiAi looks behind him, seeing the giant whale's mouth open, and they are all swallowed up. Dr. Bad Boon thinks it isn't so bad since he will be staying with MeeMee. MeeMee, however, is still unimpressed. Once the player has passed the stages, the next cutscene shows the monkeys' fate.

Challenge ModeEdit

Inside the Whale is where the final 10 levels of Super Monkey Ball 2's Expert Course take place. They are levels 41-50. In Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Advanced 61-65 and Expert 36-39 take place here.


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