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Jam is a character who makes his debut in Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll. He is a personal athletics trainer.

Role in games

In Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll, Jam gives the player tips throughout the game and acts as the comic relief. He becomes a playable character in Super Monkey Ball 3D.


Jam has brown fur. He wears a shirt with a banana on it and yellow shorts. He has a unibrow like GonGon, and has a short stubby tail like AiAi and GonGon

Official profiles

Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll Website/Instruction Booklet: Jam isn't like any other monkey - he's your personal athletics trainer! He'll help you get AiAi and all his friends through the zany puzzles and fun mini games and will keep you laughing all the while with his cheeky antics.

Super Monkey Ball 3D Website/In-Game: An always energetic, all-around athlete with a zest for adventure. Although he isn't the brightest of sparks, he is always rooting for AiAi and friends.

Monkey Fight Statistics

The following are Jam's statistics in Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight:

  • Power: 3
  • Speed: 4
  • Jump: 2

Special Attack

Jam's special attack is called Mad Jam Dash. In it, he jumps up and down, sending out shock waves a short distance from himself.


Speed, Power, and a whole lot of crazy!



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