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Jawbridge is the 9th stage of Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features wide, short platforms that shift and tilt back and forth. Half of them shift to the left, and the rest of them shift to the right. The ones that shift left are even numbered from the starting position, and the ones that shift right are odd numbered from the starting position. The platforms that shift right shift right, and then the platforms that shift left shift left, and so forth. Single bananas are along the way in the middle of these platforms.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, get on the first shifting platform after it has lowered back down. Then, roll three platforms at a time as quickly as possible, so you won't fall out as the platforms will shift again very soon. Repeat this pattern until you make it to the goal. Once it seems like you will have extra time when you make it to the goal, roll one platform at a time. Once you have reached the goal platform, roll into the goal.

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