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For other "Jungle" worlds, see Jungle (disambiguation).
For the world in Super Monkey Ball 2, see Jungle Island.

Jungle Island is the first world of Super Monkey Ball Adventure.

Locations & Missions


  • Dada - Find Tootoot
  • Sisi - Take a picture by the two huts by the bridge
  • Owow - Bring the bees back to their hives
  • Papa - Remove the weeds from the wells
  • Pospos - Deliver the message to Dada (complete his mission first)
  • The Royal Guards - Figure out the winch (Only in the PS2 Version)

Tree Palace Exterior

When you enter the Tree Palace entrance, a guard will introduce you to the puzzle realm. Complete 3 of 4 stages to enter the palace.

  • Gargar - Wake up the guards
  • Dugdug - Keep the parrots off the flowers
  • Makmak - Donate 100 bananas
  • Sisi - Take a picture by the waterfall

Tree Palace Interior

Queen Jenjen has no missions available.

Distant Island - Beach

  • Mermer - Deliver lunch to Perper
  • Future AiAi - learn Boxingball chant
  • Keikei - Bring the flame to the lighthouse (Requires Woodball)
  • Cawcaw - Bring the hatchling birds to their nest
  • Sisi - Take a picture on top of the lighthouse

Perper has no missions available, though he is involved in Mermer's.


Town Square - Throne Room Entrance

Gardens - Archipelago

Distant Island

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