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Keikei is a fisherman who resides on Distant Island. He is seen in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


Like Perper, Keikei has dark brown fur and light brown skin. He wears a yellow fisherman's hat and teal turtleneck sweater with yellow rain boots. Although not seen in his artwork, in-game he claims to have a wooden leg.


Keikei and his brother Perper live on Distant Island. His sister-in-law, Mermer, lives on the mainland and helps Perper with whatever he needs, such as his lunch deliveries. The two brothers are also in charge of keeping the lighthouse staying aflame, and that is mostly Keikei's responsibility.


Jungle Island

In order to so Keikei's mission, you must have Woodball available to you first or you won't be able to accept or do the mission.

The lighthouse flame has gone out and there needs to be some sort of source of wood to bring a flame back to it. However, the only wood available is Keikei's leg or Cawcaw's telescope. What better wood source than your Woodball? Ignite your ball with the flame near Keikei (in the bowl by him) and making your way towards the lighthouse, light the empty bowl on your way so you won't lose your flame as quickly. When at the lighthouse, bounce up to the top with the provided flowers and nests (the nests can be lit, too) and light the three torches and center.

Monkey Trumps


“Keikei and his brother make sure the lighthouse keeps burning bright. He and Perper toss a coin to decide who will light the flame each day. For some reason it’s always Keikei’s turn. ‘It must be fate,’ thinks Keikei.”

ULUS10132 00040.jpg


Although low, Keikei has fairly consistent stats.

  • Strength - 12
  • Lore - 11
  • Joy - 8
  • Charm - 6
  • Curiosity - 12
  • SMB Value - 9
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