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Magma Valley
World Name:
Magma Valley
World Number:
Soundtrack name:
Lava Rock
Soundtrack Vocals By:
Skye Sweetnam
Difficulty Rating:
3 Stars

Magma Valley is the sixth world of Super Monkey Ball: Step and roll. It contains a scenery very similar to that of Volcanic Magma from Super Monkey Ball 2, but this time, with some heavy rock music. This world is HARD. But not nearly as hard as the next world up, Siliconia. The soundtrack's name is "Lava Rock" with vocals by Skye Sweetnam.


  1. Connection
  2. Windows
  3. Disc Puzzle
  4. Cascade Rails
  5. Round Cross (Bonus Stage)
  6. Hidden Goal
  7. Froggy Feeling
  8. Folding Box
  9. Redux
  10. Hand
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