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The Main Game icon in Super Monkey Ball 2

The Main Game is the main mode in the Super Monkey Ball series. In it, the monkeys, in plastic balls, must roll into the Goal without falling off the stage or running out of time. Bananas can be collected for more points and extra lives.

Super Monkey Ball

In Super Monkey Ball, the Main Game is divided into three modes: Normal Mode, Practice Mode, and Competition Mode.

Normal Mode


In Normal Mode, you use the controller to tilt the stage and approach the goal. Going into the goal will transport you to a later stage (exact stage depends on goal color and the level). Don't let the monkey fall off the field or let the time run out. If you do so, you will lose a life. Collecting 100 bananas gives you an extra life. The game is over when you run out of lives. If you have any continues left, you are asked if you want to use one.

Difficulty Levels

There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. Finishing the entire difficulty without using a continue (losing a life in the American versions of Beginner and Advanced) unlocks the extra stages. Completing the Expert Extra stages without using a continue unlocks the "hidden" Master difficulty.

Practice Mode

In Practice Mode, the player can select any stage and play it as much as he/she likes. The level restarts after finishing (whether or not you lost a life), and you can change stages at any time.

Competition Mode

This mode requires 2-4 players. In this mode, player one selects a stage, and the players race to reach the goal first. It is split screen, so the characters can be on top of each other and nothing happens.

Super Monkey Ball 2

In Super Monkey Ball 2, the Main Game is divided into Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and Practice Mode. (Competition Mode was omitted for unknown reasons)

Story Mode

In Story Mode, you follow the adventures of AiAi and friends as they attempt to recover the stolen bananas from Dr. Bad-Boon. There are ten worlds. Completing the ten stages in each world lets you move on to the next. Unlike Challenge Mode, you have infinite lives and can play through the stages in each world in any order.


  1. Jungle Island
  2. Volcanic Magma
  3. Under the Ocean
  4. Inside A Whale
  5. Amusement Park
  6. Boiling Pot
  7. Bubbly Washing Machine
  8. Clock Tower Factory
  9. Space Colony
  10. Dr. Bad-Boon's Base

Challenge Mode

This is the same as Super Monkey Ball's Normal Mode.

Practice Mode

This is the same as Super Monkey Ball's Practice Mode.