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For MeeMee and her alternates, see MeeMee (disambiguation).

Mee'nee is a character seen in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. She is available to purchase from Paipai for 30 bananas.


Mee'nee is a young monkey with grey fur and white skin. She wears a yellow bow on her head and yellow dress.


Mee'nee does not appear in Story Mode but does appear in artwork alongside Eee'nee and Flam'lam. It is possible she lives in Moonhaven and is friends with Eee'nee.

Monkey Trumps


“Mee’nee has a crush on Gongon. Her room is decorated with Gongon posters, Gongon toys, Gongon CDs. She would do anything for Gongon and follow him anywhere.”


ULUS10132 00052.jpg

Mee'nee has inconsistent stats but does well in Curiosity.

  • Strength - 4
  • Lore - 6
  • Joy - 12
  • Charm - 7
  • Curiosity - 15
  • SMB Value - 3
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