Missiles are the pineapple weapons in Monkey Dogfight. Missiles are used in conjunction with the machine gun and can home in on their targets using a radar fix. They are manifested on radar as little yellow triangles which flash repeatedly upon impact.

Advantages Edit

  • Missiles are faster and can hit targets sooner (missiles fly at ~300 mph, much faster than any glider can fly, except in the Space Monkey Wars arena, where speeds of >400 mph can be achieved through various stunts)
  • More automation
  • Use radar tracking to hit targets across the arena
  • Higher amount of damage (25% per hit)
  • Mid-air maneuverability by automated tracking and prediction

Disadvantages Edit

Missiles' long range capabities make them excellent for players who are too far for the machine gun, or need immediate and accurate fire, but they do have their setbacks:

  • Range (the player cannot use them in close quarters fights very effectively)
  • Radar lock-up (without a lock, the missile will just travel in a straight line)

Special MissilesEdit

Special Missiles are a type of missile in Monkey Dogfight's Survival Mode. These missiles are more powerful, and can alter the terrain with the appropriate mushroom clouds and shockwaves from blasts. They launch out of Turtle Island and Stone Islands (4 missiles from Turtle Island and 1 missile from each of the Stone Islands) at 1 hour point in the game, ascend all the way to 400 feet, turn towards their targets, then fly, at 300 mph into it and detonate on impact. The special missiles that launch from Turtle Island go to each of the Stone Islands (1 each) explode, and reconfigure the island in the blast. The missiles from the Stone Islands (all 4) go to Turtle Island and transform the landscape. Special missiles appear different than normal missiles on radar.