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For other iterations of this party game, see Monkey Billiards (disambiguation).

Monkey Billiards is a Party Game found in Super Monkey Ball. In the original, it was US 9-Ball. In Super Monkey Ball 2, Japan 9-Ball, Rotation, and 8-ball modes were added. The Wild Monkey Lounge is featured in Super Monkey Ball 2, and the Dreamy Banana Lounge was featured in the original.



In VS. Mode/US 9-Ball, two players race to pocket the other 8 billiard balls before they can pocket the 9-Ball. If a player pockets the 9-Ball before they have pocketed the other balls, they will lose unless one of the other balls knocks the 9-Ball into a pocket.

A foul occurs when the player hits a ball that is not the next one in order, when the cue ball falls into a pocket, or if the player shoots the cue ball without hitting another billiard ball. Their opponent will be given a "Free Drop", which allows them to freely place the cue somewhere near the next ball, making it easier to pocket.

In Japanese 9-ball, four players take turns hitting the lowest-numbered ball. They get points when they pocket the 3-, 5-, 7-, or 9-, balls, with points being doubled should they be pocketed into a side pocket instead of a corner pocket. If either of the four balls are pocketed before the others, they will return to the table. The game ends when the 9-Ball has been pocketed after the other balls.

In Rotation, two players take turns pocketing all 15 balls, with points increasing depending on the numbered ball being pocketed. To win, one player must score over 60 points. In the event of a tie, the player who pockets the last ball wins.

In 8-Ball, the balls are broken up into two groups: Solids (1-7) and stripes (9-15). Once the break shot occurs, the player will then pocket either a solid or striped ball. If a ball from both groups are pocketed at the same time, they will then be given an option on which group they want to choose. Once the sides have been decided, the players must then sink every ball inside their group before they pocket the 8-ball. When all balls in a group have been pocketed, the player then must call their 8-ball shot and sink it inside the selected pocket. If done so, the player wins.

However, the player will lose if either of the following happens:

  • The 8-Ball gets pocketed before the groups have been doled out, unless its on the break shot.
  • The 8-Ball gets knocked into a pocket after the former event.
  • The 8-Ball doesn't land in the player's called pocket.


View Mode

  • Control Stick: Aim left or right.
  • Y Button: Switch between 2D and 3D view.
  • R Button: See the path of your ball. (With "GUIDE ON")
  • X Button: Ball number
  • A Button: Select angle
  • B Button: Return to previous camera view.
  • C Stick: Move the camera.

Shot Mode

  • Control Stick: Move shot point
  • Y Button: Change shot strength
  • R Button: See the path of your ball. (With "GUIDE ON")
  • X Button: Ball number
  • A Button: Shot
  • B Button: Return to View Mode.
  • C Stick: Move the camera.

COM Behavior

  • AiAi: No special behavior. Rarely uses hard shots.
  • MeeMee: Uses the billiard table walls to perform bank shots.
  • Baby: Accurately aims off to the side.
  • GonGon: Prefers using Hard Shots.


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