Monkey Boat is a Party Game exclusive Super Monkey Ball 2. It is a variant of Monkey Race.

The "Monkey Boat" icon from Super Monkey Ball 2.

In order to play it, it must first be unlocked with 2,500 Play Points.

General InformationEdit

Monkey Boat is somewhat similar to Monkey Race, but with one major difference: the courses in the game take place on the water. You are inside a boat (made of the bottom of one of the capsules, color depending on player number) and move around by paddling through the water. In the racing variations, there are four items (see the Items section), three of which harm other players.

Game ModesEdit

One Course RaceEdit

Same as Monkey Race. You select one course and then race to the finish.

Grand PrixEdit

You race on all three courses and compete for total points.

Time AttackEdit

For 1 player only. This is also the same as Monkey Race: Race on a course and attempt to get the best time.


Button Control
L Paddle left side. Moves monkey right.
R Paddle right side. Moves monkey left.
A Use item.
Y Change next item

Items Edit

Name Action
Piranha Torpedo Fires a torpedo and sinks hit opponent. Not in Time Attack.
Whale Bomb Releases an explosion of water. Not in Time Attack.
Whirling Swirl Creates a large whirlpool. Not in Time Attack.
Monkey Submarine Turns boat into an underwater submarine, which lets you pass by other players.