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For the mobile game from 2014, see Super Monkey Ball Bounce.

Monkey Bounce is a Party Game exclusive to Super Monkey Ball Adventure. It features different boards available to buy from Paipai in Story Mode.


This Party Game involves up to 4 players at once bouncing on a floor and turning the squares into its corresponding color, with items available for benefit. Within a minute, the winner is the player with the most squares turned.

Controls and Setup


  • Number of rounds - 1 to 5.
  • Handicap - choose a handicap, 1 to 5, for each of the 4 players.


  • Joystick (GC)/ Analog Stick (PS2, PSP) - Move your character around the board.
  • START - Go to Options.


Image Name Description
Bomb.png Bomb Blows out a 3x3 area on the grid, including your own.
Freeze.png Freeze Freeze all opponents in their place for a limited time.
Repel.png Repel Repels all oppoents from you for a limited time.
Scalarballpup.png Scalarball Like the chant, increases your ball size, which makes it easier to claim squares, including your opponents'.
Shrinkball.png ShrinkBall Shrinks all opponents for a limited time, making them unable to claim squares and easier to push around.
Shockwave.png Shockwave Ripples the entire board for a limited time.
Swap.png Swap Change all tiles associated with the color of the tile it was found on to that color (most of the time, this will cause you to lose all of yours if picked up by you, so be careful.)


Icon Title Description How to unlock
Tictactoe.png Tic Tac Toe Control the board but beware of the gaps. Available at start
Checkerboard.png Checkerboard Tiles can only be changed on the diagonals for this level. PaiPai (Jungle Island for 75 bananas)
Valley.png Valley Careful control is required to avoid the edges. PaiPai (Moonhaven for 100 bananas)
Trisquare.png Trisquare Strategically control each ring to maximize your point score. PaiPai (Zootopia for 125 bananas)


The only control you have over your character is where it lands. You are constantly bouncing on the board, and every blank tile will be claimed by you if you land on it. Claim the most tiles to win.

Version Differences

Comparing the three versions, the PSP boards have a slightly different appearance than the GC and PS2 version, which have an identical one.


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