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Monkey Bowling is a Mini Game in Super Monkey Ball and a Party Game in the rest of the Super Monkey Ball series, except Monkey Ball. In Super Monkey Ball 2, it is called Monkey Bowling 2.

Super Monkey Ball

In Super Monkey Ball, it has two modes, Standard Mode, and Challenge Mode. In Standard Mode, up to four Monkeys can play 10 frames of bowling. First, players position their monkey by using the Control Stick. The next step is to adjust the aim of the ball. After this, players determine the speed. Finally, when the monkey is about to throw themselves on the lane, players can apply spin by using the L or R button.


Super Monkey Ball Jr.

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Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll

Monkey Bowling returns Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll. There is Standard Mode and Challenge Mode, like in the first game. The game uses the Nintendo DS Stylus. The Stylus must be flicked upwards on the Touch Screen to roll the monkey ball. The faster it is flicked, the faster the ball will go. The player can apply spin by touching the icon on the bottom right. In this variation, the monkeys are disappointed even if they get 6 to 9 pins on their first throw, which they were happy for in the previous iterations. It also notifies when the player leaves a split.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

Monkey Bowling is once again a Party Game in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. In the background, there is a Ferris Wheel with AiAi's face on it. turning his head side to side. Much like the It’s a small world clock face ticking its head side to side. In this version, there is just Standard Mode. To throw the ball, the player has to hold A to position their monkey, then make throw it by making a bowling motion while releasing A. Spin is applied by whichever way the Wii Remote tilts; however, it is very sensitive. Once again, splits are notified and the monkeys (along with the announcer) will be disappointed if they didn't get 6 to 9 pins on their first throw.


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