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Monkey Bowling DX is a version of Monkey Bowling that combines Monkey Bowling with Monkey Bowling 2.


Normal Mode

This is where there are three traditional ways to play bowling.

  • Normal Rule: This is where it is just a traditional version of bowling.
  • 9 Pin Rule: This is where one of the pins will be missing. The pin that is missing corresponds to the frame on that the player. For example, if the player is on the sixth frame, the sixth pin will be missing.
  • Strike Rule: This is where players will have 20 chances to get as much strikes as they can.

Special Mode

This is where there are crazy versions of the lanes. There are three levels. Levels 2 and 3 must be unlocked. The higher the level, the crazier the lanes get.

Challenge Mode

This is where there are ten different levels of pin arrangements for the player to complete within the amount of lives he or she is given. Some levels reappear, and some levels are new. Levels can be chosen in any order.


AiAi: AiAi is all-round.

MeeMeeMeeMee has slower speed but has the highest spin.

BabyBaby has slower speed and lower spin but has an easier time aiming.

GonGon: GonGon has the fastest speed and lower spin.


  • Dreaming Castle Lane
  • Night Sky Rocket Lane


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