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For other iterations of this Party Game, see Monkey Fight (disambiguation).

Monkey Fight is a Party Game in Super Monkey Ball. In it the monkeys in balls have boxing gloves attached to their balls. They can also break open item boxes in their arenas. The items are power ups and they are used to bump the other players off the floor more effectively. There is an infinite time limit for the "Sudden Death" round which relies solely on the player's score and only happens if two or more players are even. As it's namesake, falling off the floor is fatal. The item boxes are dropped individually in five different places, unlike normal mode's two boxes to four places.


  • Control Stick - Use to roll the ball in any direction.
  • A Button - Punch/Return to stage.
  • START/PAUSE - Display the pause menu.



Stage Description
Mid Summer Jungle
Mid Summer Jungle.png
Cold Ice
Cold Ice.png
High Flying UFO
High Flying UFO.png


Item Description
Long Punch
The reach of your punch becomes longer, enabling you to punch the far away opponents.
Big Punch
The size of your glove increases, making it easier to hit opponents.
Spinning Punch
Hold down A Button to be able to do spinning punch to opponents around you for a limited time.



  • The Spinning Punch item block is identified as "Vortex" in-game.
  • The boxing glove can be found as an item in Adventure's iteration of Monkey Race.
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