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For other iterations of this Party Game, see Monkey Fight (disambiguation).

Monkey Fight is a minigame that appears in Super Monkey Ball 3D. Unlike previous versions, it closely resembles the Super Smash Bros. series.


The object of the game is to battle foes and collect bananas, the player who collects the most wins. Each character has attributes that comment on their fighting styles. Each character has 3 normal attacks, 4 strong attacks and, 1 charge attack. Sometimes a Golden barrel will appear, if a character attacks it and breaks it, they can use a move that differences between monkeys.

Game Modes

  • Basic: A simple game of Monkey Fight with no additional rules.
  • Countdown: All monkeys start with 100 bananas and must fight the other monkeys to have a higher amount. The monkey who was the most bananas when time runs out wins the round.
  • Hidden: The counters hide the amount of bananas a monkey has and must determine who is currently winning.
  • Super Fight: All attacks do significantly higher damage, and strong attacks KO rivals instantly.
  • Bomb Rush: Bombs will come flying in from the background to attack the monkeys on the stage, knocking over any monkey caught within the radius.
  • Mashup: A mixture of all 5 modes, with the rules changing each stage.


  • Circle Pad - Move
  • L + Circle Pad - Dash
  • A - Attack
  • A + Circle Pad - Knock down
  • X (+ Circle Pad) - Strong attack
  • R + X - Charge attack
  • Y - Grab Monkey
    • A (If grabbed) - Mash until the bar is full to get free
    • B (While grabbing) - Mash until the bar is full to shake the opposing monkey and drop them to the ground
  • B - Jump
    (While on ground) Press repeatedly to get up
  • Circle Pad Down + B - Descend
  • R - Guard
  • L + R - Banana Barrier
  • +Control Pad - Taunt


There is a total of 16 characters, each with their own attacks and attributes.

Character Stats Special move Description
AiAiBananafight9.jpg Power: ★★★★☆
Comet Punch Delivers a heavy blow to anyone within range, knocking them out instantly.
MeeMeeBananafight12.jpg Power: ★★★☆☆
Pink Volcano MeeMee spins her hammer and delivers a shockwave that sends nearby opponents flying.
BabyBabyRobo3D-0.jpg Power: ★★☆☆☆
Sonic Wave Lets out a sonic wave from his suit, affecting everyone within a moderate distance.
GonGonGongon resource 3.png Power: ★★★★★
Green Cyclone Spins around with a tornado covering him and sends opponents lucky enough to be caught in the whirlwind flying.
YanYan Power:★☆☆☆☆
Whirl Hammer Spins one of her hammers and throws it, which cycles around the stage once in a figure eight before returning.
DoctorDoctorSMB3D.jpg Power:★★★★☆
Magnetic Banana Lets out a small wave that surrounds him.
JamBandicam 2018-04-29 09-18-34-295.png Power:★★★☆☆
Mad Jam Dash Jumps up and down, sending out shock waves a short distance from himself.
JetJetSMB3D.jpg Power: ★★★★☆
Kung Fu Laser Fires a powerful laser that traps opponents, builds up damage, then sends them flying.
C-AiAiC-AiAi.png Power:★★★★☆
Bombardment Pulls out two guns and makes a few shots. Then, he covers his ears as a large amount of cannonballs come out from the ship to various positions.
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