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For other iterations of this Party Game, see Monkey Fight (disambiguation).

Monkey Fight Deluxe (abbreviated as DX) is a Party Game featured exclusively in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. It is a combination of Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2's versions of Monkey Fight and Monkey Fight 2.



  • Normal Mode - Get the most points by knocking your opponent off the stage. There is a time limit.
  • Survival Mode - Be the last monkey standing by knocking your opponent off the stage. There is no time limit, but certain stage start to crumble.


There are 5 stages to choose from - 2 from Super Monkey Ball and 3 from Super Monkey Ball 2.

Stage Description
Square Jungle Ring

Square Jungle.jpg

Knock your opponents out to get them to drop down the waterfall!
Exciting Puzzle Ring

Exciting Puzzle.jpg

Enjoy knocking each other off the stage!
Amazing Flower Ring

Amazing Flower.jpg

Who is going to fall like petals!?
Cold Ice Octagon

Cold Ice.png

Battle furiously on a frozen world!

NOTE: This stage does not crumble in Survival Mode.

High-Flying UFO Circle

High Flying UFO.png

Great space battle! Can you survive?

NOTE: This stage does not crumble in Survival Mode.

Game Settings


Item Description
Long Punch


The reach of your punch becomes longer, enabling you to punch far away opponents.
Big Punch (Only for Type 1)


The size of your glove increases, making it easier to hit opponents.
Iron Punch (Only for Type 2)


Your punch becomes harder, increasing your striking power.
Spinning Punch


Hold down the A (Xbox)/X (PS2) button to deliver a spinning punch to the opponents around you for a limited time.


Monkey Race 2 Victory Animations Other Super Monkey Ball 2 Victory Animations

Super Monkey Ball 2 Podium Animations


  • Unlike in the manual, Spinning Punch is labeled as "Vortex" instead of "Spin".
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