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For other iterations of this party game, see Monkey Race (disambiguation).

Monkey Race Deluxe (abbreviated as 'DX') is a Party Game in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe that combines both Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2's content into one.


Game Settings


Mode Image Info
One Course Race
Mode one.gif
Race on one course from either version.
Grand Prix
Mode grdprx.gif
Race on a grand prix, choosing either Version 1 or Version 2 for your courses.
Time Attack
Mode timeat.gif
For only 1 player, race on one course to try and get the best time.

Version Differences


Name Image Info
Speed Star
Ib speedstar.gif
Increase your speed for a limited time.
Banana Peel
Tex1 32x32 2ac03c9588511c05 5.png
Drop a banana peel on the ground. The player rolling over it will slip.
Bowling Bomber
Ib bowlimgbomber.gif
Roll a bomb that will explode on contact with your opponent.
Polygon Ball
Ib polygonball.gif
Your opponent's ball becomes polygonal for a limited time.
Ice Cube
Ib icecube.gif
Turn your opponent's ball into an ice cube for a limited time, and make him/her slip.
Big Ball (only for Type 2)
Ib bigball.gif
Your ball becomes big enough to prevent almost any attack from other opponents for a limited time.
Gravity Bomber (only for Type 2)
Ib gravitybomber.gif
Your opponent becomes heavier, making them slow down for a limited time.
Hunter Missile (only for Type 2)
Ib huntermissile.gif
Fire missiles at all opponents in front of you.


Monkey Race 2 Victory Animations

Super Monkey Ball 2 Podium Animations


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