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For other iterations of this party game, see Monkey Target (disambiguation).

Monkey Target is a Party Game in Super Monkey Ball. In this version of the Monkey Target, players fly in gliders, similar to Monkey Dogfight, except without weapons or "throttle up" controls and so, it requires landing. The altimeter and radar systems are the same as in Monkey Dogfight.


Players are supposed to glide carefully to land on targets with the highest possible points. You can also collect bananas to increase your score and to obtain items. Be careful of the wind speed and wind direction to do well; otherwise, it is likely that you'll end up sinking into the water. If the setting is turned on, there is also a Wheel of Danger that you must spin before every round which adds extra hazards to the landing platforms or in the air.



Points vary from 10 to 500. Landing on a specific colored platform will give you its value in points.

  • 10 points for landing on red
  • 20 points for orange
  • 40 points for purple
  • 50 points for blue
  • 100 points for aqua
  • 200 points for apple green
  • 300 points for yellow
  • 500 points for gold



  • No Wind
  • Brake Ball
  • X2
  • Magnet Ball
  • X3

Wheel of Danger Hazards

  • Bombs
  • Spiky Balls
  • Fog-like Cloud


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