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For other iterations of this party game, see Monkey Target (disambiguation).

Monkey Target 2 is a remake of the original, Monkey Target. It is featured in Super Monkey Ball 2.


Players are supposed to get as many points as possible. Players do this by landing on targets with the highest points and getting bananas. Players should also get items to help with their score. Players must be careful of the wind speed and wind direction, so they will not sink into the water. Players must open the ball immediately after jumping off the ramp, and close the ball at the right time according to the conditions.


  • A - Opens and closes ball while in the air. This can only be done once.
  • B - Changes formation in 2 ball or 5 ball mode between three settings: horizontal spread/V, straight line and, stack,
  • Y - Change camera to top view,
  • Control stick - Control monkey motion


  • Number of Balls: 1, 2 (2 player only), 5 (1 player only)
  • Rounds: 3, 6
  • Items: On, Off


Points vary from 10 to 1,000. Landing on a specific colored platform will give you its value in points.

Color Value
Magenta 10 points
Red 50 points
Orange 100 points
Yellow 150 points
Chartreuse 200 points
Green 300 points
Aqua 400 points
Blue 500 points
Amethyst 750 points
Gold 1,000 points

Landing on the starting ramp is worth 1 point.


All rounds start similarly. After the ramp,a path of 3 bananas on the bottom leads to the first star before the paths of bananas split. These banana are challenging to get because they lie on a curved path close to the water where speeds are high. A path of bananas also lies at the top of the stage often leading into a star or magnet.

Round Target Description
Round 1/4
Mato02 This stage contains 3 circular targets with lines of bananas in between targets. The first target contains concentric rings with points values between 10 points on the outside ring and 200 points on the ring next to the bullseye, which is 400 points. The second target has a moat in the middle of it, meaning monkeys need to get the break coin or magnet, or slow down substantially to avoid the water. The outer rings are worth 100, 150, and 200 points, while the inner rings are worth 400, 500 and 750 points. The third target's outer ring has 300 and 400 points landing areas and the inner circle has 750 and 1000 point landing areas. Two magnets are located in the sky before reaching the third target, making this the only round with multiple magnets.
Round 2/5
Mato01 This target has a straight landing pad. Point values increase from 50 to 1000 along the raised part of the target in the middle. This region narrows as the points increase. A 10 point region surrounds the target. The magnet is up high, right in front of the stage meaning the monkey must drop from high onto the target, or travel in a downward spiral to lose altitude when landing with the magnet. Two pairs of stars are to the side of the stage.
Round 3/6
Mato03 This target is X shaped. The point values start at 10 in the middle of the X and increase to 1000 at the end of each arm. The very center of the target is worth 300 though. This stage has the most stars. There is a stack of 3 stars with the magnet on top in the middle of the target. There is also a star over each of the 4 arms.


Item Name Icon Description
Brake Ball Ib brakeball Slows you down more quickly upon landing, with less roll.
Magnet Ball Ib magnetball You will stick to the exact spot you landed.
Lucky Star Ib luckystar Multiplies the landing points.
Banana Bunch Ib tgt banana Adds 10 points each to your score.
Banana Ib tgt onebanana Adds 1 point each to your score.

Notes - In 2- or 5-ball mode, items only apply to the monkey that gets the item. Items are only displayed for the lead monkey while flying. Items and banana bunches are worth 10 points to pick up.




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