For the final Master stage in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, see Destiny.

Nintendo is the final stage (and final Master stage) in Super Monkey Ball 2.


The stage is an exact replica of a Nintendo GameCube, the system that Super Monkey Ball was originally released on. The system is surrounded by metal wires that resemble the GameCube's logo.

The stage begins with the system upside down. Shortly after the player lands, the system rotates, moving the player to the system's side. It continues to rotate towards the back, then the opposite side, then the front, and finally the top. Shortly after the final rotation, the disc door opens, revealing the goal inside.

Goal TutorialEdit

Wait until the start of the 58th second, then propel forward. Once you are at the edge of the GameCube, hold back for a bit when the cube rotates completely to another side. Navigate across the ventilation holes quickly and turn right. You can either go as far towards the front as possible to make the next turn, or go around via the sixth hole from the front. Be sure to avoid the indentation to the right of the handle, as it cannot be escaped from. Continue to traverse until you reach the front of the GameCube. At this point, turn left and cross the last rotation. Upon reaching the top, make sure to move off the cover and wait for it to open.


  • It is the only stage from the game not to reappear in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, which has a different stage in its place. This is presumably because the stage did not fit since the game was not for the GameCube.
  • It is also the only stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 to not have a starting platform, as the player spawns directly on the GameCube.
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