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Pa d'Kee is a character seen in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


Pa d'Kee is an elderly monkey who is in charge of running Zootopia with his wife Ma d'Kee. He has blue-grey fur and white skin and wears a brown plaid cap and white shirt.


Pa d'Kee does not give nor is the objective of any missions in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. Once Zootopia is shut down and Fat Cat is destroyed, he explains why Fat Cat was created and what his goal was supposed to me - to measure the amount of fun the guests have.

Monkey Trumps


“Pa d’Kee likes to hear people scream. It’s his living. The longer the scream the more fun the theme park visitor is having. Since Fat Cat took over everyone’s been screaming all the time. They must be really enjoying themselves.”

ULUS10132 00022.jpg


Pa d'Kee's stats are fairly balanced, having a low Strength and SMB Value.

  • Strength - 7
  • Lore - 14
  • Joy - 14
  • Charm - 12
  • Curiosity - 12
  • SMB Value - 7
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