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Pitch and Putt is the 9th stage of Advanced in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features lots of square-shaped platforms that are sloped connected to narrow paths. These square-shaped platforms vary between being sloped up and sloped down. Some of these platforms have square-shaped holes in them. There is a big, rectangular platform at the beginning of the stage separated from the square-shaped platforms. This rectangular platform has a rectangular hole at the beginning and is sloped later.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, roll down the slope of the rectangular platform as fast as possible to make it onto the first square-shaped platform out in the distance. Try your hardest not to fall off or through the stage when you are landing on the first square-shaped platform. Once you have successfully landed on the first square-shaped platform, make your way straight across the square-shape platforms and narrow paths until you make it to the goal. Be careful when crossing narrow paths and square-shaped platforms with holes as these areas require a lot of precision.

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