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For the similar stage in Super Monkey Ball, see Snake.
For the similar stage in Super Monkey Ball, see Blur Bridge.

Serpent is the 4th stage of Advanced in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features two sets of blocks moving side-to-side in a serpentine pattern, hence the name. There are tiny sides on the first set of blocks. These blocks vary in width. The blocks in the second set are overall smaller than the first set's.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, get onto the first block, and stay on it until it is completely on one side. Once it is on one side, roll across the remainder of the first set of blocks, and stop on the last one. Wait on it until it is adjoined with the stationary platform that adjoins with the sets of blocks. Once it is adjoined, roll onto the stationary platform, and then roll across the next and final set of blocks when they are adjoined. Once you have made it across the next and final set of blocks, roll into the goal.

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