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For the stage in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, see Slalom (Touch & Roll).
For the Moonhaven stage, see Skid Slalom.

Slalom (not to be confused with Skid Slalom) is the 12th Expert stage in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


Somewhat similar to Gravity Slider, a stage in Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, this stage features a huge, long slightly curvy slide. It is very steep, and it is wide enough to keep the ball on the platform. However, it is fast enough to let it go flying off the floor. Banana bunches are along the way.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, try and keep your monkey on the slide the entire time. Push against the slanted sections as much as you can as it is very easy to get pushed off course by them. Try to go at a moderate speed, so you will make it across the very slanted parts and also not fly off. Stunting is often used although it is recommended to practice this in Story Mode first.

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