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For the stage in Super Monkey Ball, see Unrest.
For the stage in Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, see Beveled Edges.

Squeegee is the 6th stage of Expert in Super Monkey Ball Adventure.


This stage features square-shaped platforms that tilt forwards, backwards, left, and right. They tilt so much that it is almost impossible to stay on one platform even with pushing with as much force as the player can. There are eight tilting platforms altogether. These platforms are arranged in a 3x3 grid.

Goal Tutorial

To get to the goal, roll as fast as possible to a platform where you can roll up as far along the stage as you can. Roll up with as much force as you can. Repeat this pattern until you make it to the goal platform. If you are forced to roll down at all, try to fight gravity as much as you can. Once you have made it to the goal platform, roll into the goal.


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