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Super Monkey Ball is a port of the original Super Monkey Ball for the Nokia N-Gage system. It features Challenge Mode, Practice Mode, and Party Games.


After the release of Super Monkey Ball Jr., Super Monkey Ball for the Nintendo GameCube was translated onto the newly-released Nokia N-Gage. Although choppier than the GameBoy Advance, it features similar mechanics and the traditional features of a Super Monkey Ball game.


Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode has all four difficulties - Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master, with 10, 15, 20, and 5 floors respectively, tallying up to 50 floors total. Practice Mode is also available.


A list of all the floors in this game can be found below. Note that as of right now, none of the floors have their own article yet.

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Party Games

The party game selection includes the following, with multiplayer features:


The game has mostly negative reviews, criticizing its performance and lack of new content compared to its GameBoy Advance predecessor. However, it was praised for its debut onto the N-Gage and worth playing on the handheld console.

The game is usually seen as a port of Super Monkey Ball Jr., However, they are technically different games, with different mini-games and new levels.


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