Super Monkey Ball was a game released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed by SEGA and published by Other Ocean in 2008. A sequel, Super Monkey Ball 2 (iOS), was released later. This game was dropped from the App Store in 2015 due to their shift in game standards.

However, Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition was released in 2018 as a part of the Sega Forever series, although it is just Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The object of the game, like others in the Super Monkey Ball series, is to get AiAi, MeeMee, Baby or GonGon to the goal.

The graphics are similar to both Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz: the monkeys' sprites are reused from Touch and Roll and the level design and appearance are reused from Banana Blitz, although unlike Banana Blitz the jump ability is removed.

There are five continues of six lives, totaling 30 lives altogether.

There are five worlds, and each world has two sets of ten stages.

Like in Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll, collecting 10 bananas gains an extra life. If you collect all ten Bananas on a stage without falling off, you will earn a crown. Earning a crown on every stage in a set unlocks an Extra Stage.

Worlds[edit | edit source]

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