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All of these printouts listed here are the remaining downloadable papers from the original Super Monkey Ball 2 website.

Message Memo paper

The only one that has most words is the "AiAi Message Memo" print out, which translates out as "Use it when you receive a call!" in the link description. It was likely a special message parents would send out to voice actors which would call and leave a message for the children. In the paper, it translates to "The requirements are as follows" or "Please call us back." So in the end, this is a phone message system for children.

Message Memo Character Choice Paper

Also, on the Super Monkey Ball 2 website print section, it came with a paper for a character choice selection where you could make the phone call or message with a certain character or a multiple of them, which was part of the fist paper.

Super Monkey Ball 2 Print Out Notepads

The other six papers are note pads on which to write and print out on your computer. You could choose up from AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, GonGon, Dr. Bad-Boon, and Dr. Bad-Boon's Assistant.

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