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Super Monkey Ball 2 Mini is a Flash game released in 2002 (presumably). Like the one before it, it was a simple flash game centred around the upcoming/recent release at that time; in this case it was Super Monkey Ball 2. Unlike the first Mini instalment, it isn't a platformer, instead being simplified versions of the mini games Monkey Target, Monkey Baseball and Monkey Bowling.


Monkey Target

Plays much like the first Monkey Target though the graphics are 2D with a pre-rendered look (even the beginning of the game begins with a pre-rendered FMV cutscene). There is only one target and three rounds.

Monkey Baseball

Much like Monkey Baseball, but the there is no taking turns with who's batting. The CPU (GonGon) will run to the player (AiAi) and he/she must bat.

Monkey Bowling

Very much like Monkey Bowling, though a little more cheaply done and also seems to end quicker.


  • It's possible that this game was considered lost media too, though there's no mention of it on the Lost Media Wiki page. It's playable on the same website as the first one though.
  • The left-side column has clickable menu options. One is "Enter Contest". Maybe there was some sort of contest SEGA or AV was holding. Considering the other options include "Send to a Friend", "Monkey Ball Watches!?!" and "Buy Now" it's possible that something special was happening to promote the game.
  • "Be sure to check out the latest monkey mayhem" originally would direct you do the SEGA website's Super Monkey Ball Adventure page, which has since been taken down.


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