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Super Monkey Ball 3: Banana Crazy was a planned installment of the Super Monkey Ball series. It was cancelled before its final release.


The game was announced at E3 2003 and was set to be released in 2004. The game was widely believed to have allowed for LAN support, allowing eight-player games. It was meant to released on the Nintendo GameCube system. There are no known box art or development images; only a trademark that contains a black and white logo with vauge descriptions of its colour.

In a 2006 interview, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the series' creator, claimed that the game in question was just a rumour, stating: "It's just a rumor. I wonder when 'a long time ago' is."[1]


Super Monkey Ball: Banana Crazy trademark - Document 15, Page 3

A page from one of the documents, featuring the logo and some information about it.

Amusement Vision filed a trademark for a game by the name of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Crazy on 7 June 2002, being first publicised on 29 July 2003, and being granted on 21 October 2003. The trademark expired on 22 December 2004 - roughly six months after Amusement Vision's operations were merged with SEGA.[2]

The trademark is associated with a logo similar to that of all previous Super Monkey Ball games up to that point. The logo features the subtitle "BANANA CRAZY" with a bunch of bananas separating the two words. The initial filing of the trademark notes the logo's colours:[3]

The word "SUPER" and the border around BANANA CRAZY are red. The spheres with "SUPER" on them and the words "BANANA CRAZY" are blue. The words "MONKEY BALL" and the design of a bunch of bananas are yellow. The spheres with "MONKEY BALL" on them are red with green and blue bands.


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