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Super Monkey Ball 3D is the ninth game in the Super Monkey Ball Series, released for the Nintendo 3DS. There are three modes of gameplay, which are Monkey Ball, Monkey Race, and Monkey Fight.


There are sixteen characters in this game. Seven characters from the previous Super Monkey Ball games return. There is one new character introduced in the game: Jet. Each character also has a double: C-AiAi, W-MeeMee, A-Baby, F-GonGon, P-YanYan, R-Doctor, N-Jam, and B-Jet.

AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon are playable in every mode from the start. YanYan, Doctor, Jam, and Jet are playable only in the minigames from the start.




This game features 8 worlds, which are:

  1. Monkey Island
  2. Aladdin's Castle
  3. Sweet Fountain
  4. Bananightmare
  5. Dragon's Journey
  6. Skypolis
  7. Space Factory
  8. Mystic Dome


Each world has 10 stages, tallying up to 80 stages total.

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