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Super Monkey Ball Mini was a Flash tech-demo released in 2001. It is a tie-in title to Super Monkey Ball and was considered impressive for its time, being a Flash game with 3D elements.

The game was removed during the mid-2000s, making it no longer playable. While it was found on DonPixel in 2017, the tenth floor and end menu of the game was missing. In late 2020, the final floor was rediscovered, making the game complete.


The player can play ten stages, all of which have a fixed camera. The player controls AiAi to a goal zone by moving the mouse in different directions, with axle meters to help guide to the goal via the mouse.

Floor Gallery


  • This game was considered lost media for a long time, before it was found by Pikko.
  • Although there is a banana count icon in the upper left, no bananas are found on any floors. You instead get them via how much time remains after clearing a stage.
  • Some unofficial re-uploads of the game do not contain the tenth stage. In these versions, clearing stage 9 will end the game on an infinite loading screen.
  • There are other tie-in flash games, including Super Monkey Ball 2 Mini and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Mini.

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