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Super Monkey Ball Mobile is a game in the Super Monkey Ball Series. It was released for J2ME systems as part of Sega's "Puyo Puyo Sega" serivce circa 2008.

Known Information

A news article[1] promoting the game was released on January 21, 2008, along with some gameplay screenshots. Unfortunately, the game never released outside of Japan and not much else is known at this time.

It appears that this game is a mobile port of the Nintendo DS game Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll, as the title screen, the heads-up-display, and the stages are identical to the DS game. The aforementioned news article claims that there are 50 stages in the game, as opposed to Touch & Roll's 120 stages, meaning that 70 of them didn't make the cut.

Screenshots from a news article detailing the game. From left to right are the title screen, the stage Long Winding Road, and the bonus stage Bare.

The stages in this game appear to have no specific names, despite the fact that these same stages did have names in Touch & Roll. Instead, each stage is named after the world that they appear in, followed by a number indicating in what place in that world it appears. This is similar to how stages were labeled in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz.

A comparison of the stage Gyration.

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