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The Royal Guards are characters seen in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. They are seen throughout the Tree Palace in Jungle Island.


The Royal Guards work for King Junjun and are looked after under Gargar. They have brown fur and white skin and wear a classic knight uniform and carry a yellow flag with them. They wear a grey helmet that covers their eyes.


Jungle Island

Tree Palace

The missions the Royal Guards hand out aren't necessarily missions as they don't give Joy, but instead more like helpful tutorials on how to use certain game mechanics.

  • The winder to open the entry to the Tree Palace is stuck! Use your monkey ball to push it through 10 times and the door will open. This only available on the PS2 version as it is the only version of the game to actually use winders.
  • The puzzle realm is a scary place for a monkey without a ball. Go on one platform at a time to be teleported to a classic Monkey Ball floor and attempt as many times as you want until you complete the stage.

Monkey Trumps


“Always alert to danger the Royal Guards taste the king’s food to make sure it isn’t poisoned. Last night they tested all of his wine but you'll never catch them taking a nap.”

ULUS10132 00051.jpg


The Guards have average stats, but have very good Strength.

  • Strength - 17
  • Lore - 8
  • Joy - 8
  • Charm - 7
  • Curiosity - 3
  • SMB Value - 7
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