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Yo whaddup!

So, you decided to click on my name. Welcome!

My name is KartingKoopa, and I have been a big fan of the Super Monkey Ball series for as long as I can remember! While I love all games in the series and not just the GameCube ones, my personal favourites are still Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2.

Besides official content (or the lack thereof), there have also been Super Monkey Ball 2 romhacks to keep me busy these past few years. I even made my own custom level pack called Bad Boon Strikes Back!

My main focus on this wiki is to perform a lot maintenance work, making everything consistent is what I like to do!


Below is a list of projects that I have worked on or will be working on on this wiki:




  • Leave no file uncategorised
  • Improve all pages for MB worlds + Lava Land from Jr.
  • Improve all pages for difficulty levels
  • Give every Step & Roll stage a proper page with at least an infobox and a screenshot
  • Take a screenshot of every Banana Mania stage

My collection of games

Here's a list of Super Monkey Ball games that I currently own:


Shoutouts to my old account from 2014 for bringing me here way back then.