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JediWolf29 JediWolf29 1 September 2018

How to use new Infoboxes

Hello wiki users! As you may have seen by now there are newer infoboxes scattered throughout the pages, given a theme more connected to this wiki. This post will be a guide on how to use them.

  • 1 Basics
  • 2 General Character Infobox
    • 2.1 Values
  • 3 World Infobox
    • 3.1 Values
  • 4 Image Infobox
    • 4.1 Values
  • 5 Video Game Infobox
    • 5.1 Values
  • 6 Stage Infobox
    • 6.1 Values
  • 7 Party Game Infobox
    • 7.1 Values
  • 8 Questions/Comments?

  • Go to VisualEditorand click on Insert. In the menu, you should see an option titled Infobox. From that, you can select various kinds of infobox templates. Right now, there are only 5, but there will be more eventually for things such as Party Games, etc. Once more are made, they will be added to this guide.
  • NOTE: These can only be accessed through VisualEditor.

This infobox …

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JediWolf29 JediWolf29 2 June 2018

Changes to wiki & Looking for admins

Hey wiki users,

As you may have noticed I have changed the rights of users to where you must log in to create pages and edits. Although this was probably around for a while, this is because I would like to reduce the chances and amount of spam or unnecessary edits to this wiki. If you do not have an account and would like to keep editing, register. It only takes a small while and gives you access to many more things on this wiki as well as Fandom.

With my adoption of this wiki, I would also like to look for potential admin users. This wiki was very inactive, so that's why I decided to adopt it. However, I would very much appreciate a fellow hand or two. In order to become an admin, I simply give the rights to you, but in order for me to do s…

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JediWolf29 JediWolf29 5 April 2018

Requesting the Adoption of this wiki.

Hello wiki users,

I'm a fairly new person to this wiki. I'm in the process of adding tons of stuff from the Super Monkey Ball Adventure games, and am working hard to see these pages cleaned up and spam deleted.

I've also noticed hardly anyone (except for a few users here and there) edits this. No admins, bureaucrats, or even the founder has been on in at least a couple years. So, I've taken the initiative and asked to adopt this wiki so I'm able to do more to help this wiki thrive and to help newcomers with their contributions.

If you would like to discuss, comment below.

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