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Wu'wu is a character seen throughout Moonhaven in Super Monkey Ball Adventure. He resides in Arrival Park and the Water Automaton.


Wu'wu is a plumber seen in Moonhaven. He is a big monkey it a typical plumber's uniform and yellow hard hat. He has dark grey fur and white skin. He is usually seen with or near Bobo.



Arrival Park

Hear that churning? That's the result of unoiled gears. Like other balloon missions, each balloon needs to be carried to the horn-like devices one at a time. Use Scalarball to ride on the rails to do so. Once one balloon is delivered, safely fall onto the gears at the very bottom of the city and take the moveable gear (the one that says "MOONHAVEN" and get back to Wu'wu's place to take another balloon to do all that over again.

Water Automaton

The Water Automaton's feeders have frozen and it's up to you to bring flame to each one. There are three to go to, and Woodball is demanded. It is quite a complex mission, as the platform will rise the water and getting off one will quickly make the water its original level. This mission is a pattern of this, and patience and concentration is key.

Monkey Trumps


“A plumber’s life is a hard one, especially when the Water Automaton stops working and there just aren’t enough monkeys around to help. Wu’wu likes to use his pipes to make strange sound effects!”

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Wu'wu has good Strength and Curiosity stats, but lacks in Lore and Joy.

  • Strength - 17
  • Lore - 6
  • Joy - 6
  • Charm - 7
  • Curiosity - 13
  • SMB Value - 11
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